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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking can be a nerve-wracking experience. Feeling a little uneasy speaking in front of an audience is normal. If you are feeling totally terrified and petrified with fear, there are some things you can do. The following public speaking tips will help you nix the nervousness as you entertain, inform, and motivate your audience.

• Be Prepared – Memorize your speech. If you must have notes with you when public speaking to feel confident, just carry small note cards. Arrange the cards in the order of your speech and only include bullet points, not paragraphs of text. The cards will keep your speech “on track.” Do not read directly from your note cards, just glance at them briefly.

• Picture Giving a Great Speech – Practice visualizing your speech going well. Picture delivering your speech perfectly to an audience hanging on for every word you say.

• Get Familiar With the Stage – Visit the location you will be giving a speech beforehand or arrive early the day of your speech. Take the time to get familiar with the stage, sound equipment, backstage areas, and any stairs leading to the stage. Pay special attention to the amount of public speaking space on the stage so you know how much room you have.

• Do an Equipment Check – Take the time to check your audio-visual equipment. This includes doing a sound check, learning to use the microphones, music, projectors, and other public speaking equipment. Also, make sure you have spare parts, such as replacements for burnt out projector bulbs and extra cables. Do not let faulty or broken equipment ruin your speech. Make sure your audio-visual
crew knows what they are doing.

• Greet Your Audience – When possible, take the time to meet with your audience as they arrive. Knowing the nature of your audience will help you feel more comfortable when speaking to them. You may even spark some ideas, stories, or jokes to include in your public speaking speech.

• Take a Few Minutes to Relax – Take some time before your speech to prepare yourself. Take some deep breaths and focus yourself. Do not drink alcohol to relax before speaking. Direct your nervous energy into positive public speaking enthusiasm for your audience and your message.

• If Things Go Wrong, Do Not Apologize – Nine times out of ten your audience will have no idea something in your speech did not go well. That is, they will not know unless you apologize.

• Remember That Your Audience Wants You To Do Well – Your audience is excited to hear you speak and they want you to succeed. They want to learn from you and look forward to an entertaining and informative speech.

Keep the above public speaking tips in mind when delivering your next speech. These public speaking tips should help your next speech be a success.


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